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Biodiesel is an alternate green fuel to any Diesel operated engines. We are one of the prime Biodiesel Manufacturers in India. We have decided to promote Biodiesel at village levels to gain confidence amongst the farmers who are the real source to grow a domestic feedstock for the manufacture of Commercial Biodiesel. We have successfully demonstrated this in Davengere district. We have installed a Dispensing Pump to ensure the users that Natural Biodiesel is going to be the real future to replace Diesel. We also strongly advocate the concept of using domestic feedstock instead of importing palm based raw materials. The basic problem is the cost of production of commercial Biodiesel is more than the cost of Diesel sold in the ordinary. This is why; none is in a position to come forward to install Biodiesel plants in India whereas we have spent considerable amount of capital in the form of crude petroleum. Our concern is to deliver good Organic Biodiesel to farmers.